2017 Greatest Hits

Welcome to the Greatest Hits 2017.

Each year, at smith & beta, we publish our “greatest hits” for classes, workshops that we completed. This year, we noticed a preferential trend for content that focused on mindset development. No big surprise given how important mindsets, behaviors and habits are for learning in the workplace. Without employees’ curiosity, most learning efforts fall short. Without courage, employees feel powerless to create change in the workplace. Without a growth mindset, we might remain stuck in “what we know”.

Below we’ve highlighted a few workshops for you to consider for your staff in Q4 and Q1 2018 (if you want to receive the more comprehensive list, hit us up). As many of you know, we rarely do “single workshops”, as a one-time-learning-experience does little to change culture. However, with these classes we’ve seen some impact even after a single session, so we’re offering them as stand alone experiences for the first time.

Ask yourself, does your team know all that they need to know going into 2018? Is learning part of everyday work at your company? Is “learning” a valuable currency in your workplace? Have you worked on mindset development AND hard skill development?

2017 Hits List

Mindset Offense

This workshop will look at the collective power of individual “mindsets” to drive opportunity and progress at the highest level. We’ll look at “growth mindsets”, specifically — the idea that continuous learning is the ultimate offensive play for one’s career development and motivation to get out of the bed in the morning. When merged with the right culture, we’ll argue that growth mindsets are the leading driver behind employee satisfaction and a company’s acceleration — more so than its mission, benefits, incentives, or formal "training".

Chasing Courage

Find your daring. This workshop digs into courage. We all need more of it to navigate the complexities and moving parts of our roles. Courage is key for flexing individual capacity, dealing with ambiguity, and approaching challenges more bravely. The content is built to challenge participants through active participation and slightly uncomfortable, novel situations. Attendees will gain knowledge about the importance of courage in the workplace and how valuable this mindset is for the workplace.

Prototyping + Collaboration  

Prototyping is not a new fangled skill. It’s been around a long time, but it’s new for many marketing and advertising departments. This workshop will focus on ideation, brainstorming and applied prototyping. This skill is not just for software, it is an important part of helping us bring creative ideas to life quickly and iteratively. We will explore nimble and agile processes, cross-functional collaboration and sharing immediate learnings with each other more efficiently. Class will end with an exercise in paper prototyping as a tool everyone can participate in to bring ideas to life with less refinement and perfection.

Stay tuned for more of our greatest hits in the coming weeks.

More info at beta@smithandbeta.com

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