Knowledge is Recession Proof

It's been a challenging year for many companies. Big or small, the economic realities of 2023 have not been easy. Many have struggled with new business and growth, others with retaining talent in the ever-shifting environment.

A big discussion with many of our clients has been how capabilities are recession proof. Investing in new skills and ways of working is a smart way to navigate challenging times. Some of the programs we're designing are about ambiguity, not knowing what the next few months might bring. How to keep teams focused when there's a lot of reason to be distracted is also a popular topic. Getting better at what you do always pays off.

What have you done to build knowledge? Sometimes it's as simple as building on strengths but other times it might be learning entirely new skills to save money on outsourcing. And if you don't know what you should focus on, we're here to help with any talent development needs! Why not start with an assessment to really understand the current state before you do any investing in training? Here are a few steps to get started: 

  • Create a survey to send to all departments to compare capabilities and interests across disciplines
  • Interview 10-15 employees across departments, tenures and roles
  • Analyze the quantitative and qualitative results to make recommends for training investment

Bottom line, knowledge and capabilities are recession proof. One of the only ways to get through difficult times is to invest and build on what you know. Call us for more insights on this topic.

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