We've been busy over here at smith & beta. In 2018, we decided to devote most of our attention to the new learning application our founder launched, Giide. After almost a decade working with agencies and brand marketers, we noticed that "online learning" wasn't working for most employees. We observed that the time required was overwhelming (who sits for hours watching training videos atwork?), we observed that employees wanted more flexibility and we also spent numerous days observing how employees learn and teachers teach. All of this input led to the development of Giide. 


So while we are still busy with client assessments and in-person training design, execution, we're also keeping a close eye on the folks over at Giide. You can find more about them here: and And if you want to sign up and listen to a few Giides, reach out and let us know or signup on the site


- Your Friends at smith & beta 

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