We've been busy over here at smith & beta. In 2018, we decided to devote most of our attention to the new learning application our founder launched, Giide. After almost a decade working with agencies and brand marketers, we noticed that "online learning" wasn't working for most employees. We observed that the time required was overwhelming (who sits for hours watching training videos atwork?), we observed that employees wanted more flexibility and we also spent numerous days observing how employees learn and teachers teach. All of this input led to the development of Giide. 


So while we are still busy with client assessments and in-person training design, execution, we're also keeping a close eye on the folks over at Giide. You can find more about them here: and And if you want to sign up and listen to a few Giides, reach out and let us know or signup on the site


- Your Friends at smith & beta 

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Our business at smith & beta has always been focused on the development of people walking in the doors each day. We believe that if a company focuses on the current talent, what they know today and should know in the future, it can make all the difference to the bottom line. But some leaders aren’t familiar with talent development. It’s new. It feels unmeasurable. It seems foreign compared to hiring a few new experts. It’s a mindset and strategic shift. Yet we know talent development works. We also know that experts don’t scale. Often those superheros we hire land at the new job only to find that no one at the company understands them. They get siloed into a back room. They are change agents without support. They eventually leave. It happens time and time again. Take a minute to consider your budget for hiring experts this year or even a single leader and then compare to your training dollars. Is there a big difference? Do you operate as “training is nice to have” but not required? If so, you’re missing out on a big opportunity to scale and distribute capabilities beyond a few people at your company. Digital is not a department. Digital is shared knowledge, common language and collective understanding. When we design talent development programs, we work with industry leaders directly to lead content design. They are the experts. They know what should specifics should be covered. They walk in the room and own the conversation with employees. Below we’ve included a great workshop to get started this year.