Teacher Appreciation Month Continues!

For students May symbolizes the beginning of the end. It is a month marked by the stress of prom for some and college finals for others. During the end of the year chaos, teachers often do not get the recognition they deserve for a hard year's worth of work. Although there is no academic calendar for professional development, smith & beta is dedicating May to the hardworking professionals that teach our workshops and help educate our clients.

Michael Salamon is an expert experience designer and long time teacher for smith & beta specializing in user experience and customer journey. In April Michael taught a workshop in San Francisco that gave a hands-on opportunity for marketers to learn how to make, manage,utilize and incorporate customer journeys in their everyday work. Attendees left his workshop able to identify and support common customer behavior and preferences and use data to map purchasing habits.

After two decades of work in the tech industry, under a plethora of job titles, Michael has developed a passion for getting other “through the door” of understanding the digital space.

Click the link below to hear Michael’s thoughts on the evolution of design, current digital design climate, and what it takes to be a good teacher.

Michael Salamon Interview

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