Why We Do What We Do

In today's fast-paced world, we often form opinions based on assumptions and superficial impressions. This can make it hard to understand the reasons behind a consultancy's actions. At smith & beta, we've taken a step back to reaffirm why our work is important and why we're expanding beyond digital and tech education to cover more relevant business content areas.

Here's what drives us:

  1. Supporting Gen Z: We know that perceptions about work are changing, especially with Gen Z entering the workforce. Rather than viewing these changes negatively, we ask, “How can we support and engage younger workers, giving them the confidence, flexibility, and skills they need?”
  2. Staying Current: Our review of digital content showed that much of it is still relevant. As digital tools evolve, it's crucial for workers to keep up-to-date.
  3. Adapting Post-Pandemic: The post-pandemic work environment is different, and many find it challenging to return to old habits. We believe that enhancing "soft" skills can bring joy and competence to the workplace, improving overall job satisfaction.

We're excited to announce a new range of courses that will be available soon. We’d love to hear your feedback on what drives great programming in 2024.

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