Before We Close the Doors on Teacher Appreciation Month...

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, it is beginning to feel like it is officially summer.  It is time for schools to close their doors and teachers to take their well earned summer vacation. With smith & beta’s teacher appreciation month coming to a close, we would like to acknowledge one more incredible educator before officially closing the doors on May; Eddie Revis.

Eddie Revis is one of smith & beta's most sought after teachers with an instructor rating of 98%. He is the former Executive Strategy Director at COLLINS, and Director of Strategy and Innovation at Essence. Eddie leads North American teams working with major clients such as Google, Method, Viber, Sam Edelman, Chase, UPS and Youtube.

Last week Eddie taught a workshop called Presentation Therapy: The Next Level in New York City.  In this workshop students learn how to increase communication effectiveness, manage stress, strengthen interpersonal relationships, and tactfully handle road bumps that arise with clients and internal teams. They gain tools to become a more focused, persuasive communicator, and feel more confident selling ideas, driving decision making, and navigating difficult conversations. As always Eddie was hailed for the energy he brought to the class as well as his expertise.  

For an inside look at the charisma Eddie brings to all of his workshops click the link to Eddie’s View From A Moving Platform workshop.  

View From A Moving Platform

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