The Future is Already Here

There are a lot of future posts this time of year. Get ready for next year opinions from all sorts of experts in the industry. When we started working with Zoe we knew we were in for a masterclass on the future of advertising. She's like a mega expert on all things that agencies should know right now. Here's the first giide in that series. Get in touch if you're interested in hearing more. You will definitely be ready for 2023 if you listen to Zoe!

Did you read these already?
Why We Do What We Do

We often form opinions based on assumptions and superficial impressions. This can make it hard to understand the reasons behind a consultancy's actions.

Knowledge is Recession Proof

This year has not been the easiest for many companies trying to survive the financial markets and macro economic environments. What's helped? Talent. The right people with the right skills are recession proof.

Retention is > Hiring

Organizations often over-index for hiring vs retaining. What if we spent equal time retaining as we do hiring?

Introducing Future Focus for Training Insights in 2022

Knowing exactly what to invest to ensure training and development results is critical. Let's explore how with our new program Future Focus.